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I’m so tired of coming across websites, products, ect. that will flat-out lie to you and try to make you think they have some great secret gambling system that will win you millions.  It’s a scam that’s been around forever, but it must still work because they are everywhere.

Complete Scam! At least make it somewhat believable. 97% win rate? C'mon.

During this journey, I’ve researched hundreds of books and websites on gambling.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard about some sort of “Winning System.”  Whether it be Craps, Sports Gambling, Horse Racing, whatever there are hundreds of scams trying to get your money.  Even sites that have valuable information are bombarded with advertisements for online casinos.

If I speak positively about a book or website it’s because I have personally used the product and found it to be helpful.  I do not receive a dime. 

Sports Betting is notorious for scams.  Ever since the 900 numbers scammers have made millions claiming to have the winning picks.  Michael Koenick, in his book “Man with the $100,000 breasts” (Yes, a man put in breast implants for 100K), he talks about an advertising agent who knew nothing about sports but made a lot of money selling picks with a 900 number.  Here’s the kicker.  He didn’t know much about sports so he had his four-year old son make the picks.  Eventually he claims his conscious got the best of him and he couldn’t do it anymore, but there are plenty more people out there without a conscious.

The problem is it’s tough to distinguish the quality products from the garbage.  I bought an Ebook last week titled “How to become a Pro Gambler, Fast Guide!” (as soon as I saw fast guide I should have known it was junk).  I thought well this is perfect I am trying to become a pro gambler and the faster I can get successful the better.  For $7 this book had about 5 pages of information and it was on proper etiquette at the Craps table.  What?  I thought I was getting the fast guide to becoming a pro gambler.  According to this author I guess all you need to know are the rules of craps and the proper etiquette and the money will come rolling in.  I would have prefered to light my seven dollars on fire then give it to this guy.

For those of you out there looking for quality information on gambling, Be Careful!  I will continue to talk about products and information that have helped me along the way, and if it’s garbage I will post that as well.

About Greg Elder

I was 37 years old, a husband and father, a former teacher, college and high school basketball coach, and a business owner, I decided to give it all up (Not the husband and father part) to take a shot at pro gambling. I was coming off a job I hated selling insurance, and I vowed to do something I was passionate about. For the next year I would spend 12-15 hours a day researching, studying, and practicing advantage gambling techniques. The goal was to see if I could sustain our current lifestyle as a professional gambler. I wanted to find out if casinos really could be beat. At the time, I thought it may be the biggest mistake of my life, but my intentions were to have fun trying. It has been an interesting few years since that journey began. My feature book GAMBLERS FIGHT BACK has been released and can be purchased on my author site at I would consider my pro gambling career to be a success on all fronts. I didn't win millions of dollars, but I was able to enjoy every minute of it. It brought an excitement and passion back into my professional life. It has helped lead me to a writing career that I had no idea I even wanted before this challenge. I was able to write a book that shared with others exactly what I learned along the way.. Gambling professionally is not easy, but there are certain things the average gambler can do to increase their chances of success tremendously. That's the information I try to pass along to my readers.

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