I’m Taking My Ball and Going Home!!!!

I remember the first time I found out that casinos could kick people out for winning too much.  I felt like I was hit over the head with a shovel.  I couldn’t believe it.  I always thought that was just for cheaters and criminals.  Well come to find out anyone who is winning consistently can be asked to leave.  This is still astonishing to me.  Casinos choose all the games and the rules, then they get mad because someone beats them using nothing more than their mind.

Don't You Dare Use This When Gambling!

One technique they’ve used to try to keep this information from the common patron is to include card counters in with cheaters.  Most people believe card counting is illegal.  Not only is it not illegal it isn’t cheating.  You are using nothing more than your brain.  God forbid you should use that.  It’s OK if you want to get fall down drunk and bet this months mortgage, but if you want to use any type of brain power to beat the game, that can’t be tolerated.  It’s a classic case of you beat me so I’m taking my ball and going home.

I actually heard one casino executive justify it because card counting was unfair to other players.  He felt it was not fair for card counters to have an advantage while other players did not.  This might be the most asinine statement I’ve ever heard.  Because someone has taken the time to learn the moves that are beneficial to the player and practiced the game, it is unfair to all the other players.  It’s OK if someone of limited intelligence wants to split 5’s, but someone who knows the count is +8 and wants to increase their bet, that’s not fair.

The casinos have done a good job with their propaganda making the average citizen believe card counting is illegal.  Most people aren’t going to be up in arms when they find out card counters are being barred.  What about someone who wins too much on video poker?  I guarantee if you polled the average video poker player and asked them if the casino could bar them and cite them for trespassing if they start winning too much, they would say no they can’t.  That’s why casinos don’t do this as often as barring card counters.  They know the general public would be outraged if they found out that if they start winning too much they can be kicked out.

This is one of the reasons I took on this challenge.  It seemed so hypocritical for casinos to kick people out who are beating them.  They get to choose what games they offer and what the rules are, but that is not good enough.  They also want to be able to choose who plays the games.  Lets just say alcoholics and the mentally handicap are at the top of their list.  They prey on the weak and that makes me sick.

About Greg Elder

I was 37 years old, a husband and father, a former teacher, college and high school basketball coach, and a business owner, I decided to give it all up (Not the husband and father part) to take a shot at pro gambling. I was coming off a job I hated selling insurance, and I vowed to do something I was passionate about. For the next year I would spend 12-15 hours a day researching, studying, and practicing advantage gambling techniques. The goal was to see if I could sustain our current lifestyle as a professional gambler. I wanted to find out if casinos really could be beat. At the time, I thought it may be the biggest mistake of my life, but my intentions were to have fun trying. It has been an interesting few years since that journey began. My feature book GAMBLERS FIGHT BACK has been released and can be purchased on my author site at www.GREGELDERAUTHOR.com I would consider my pro gambling career to be a success on all fronts. I didn't win millions of dollars, but I was able to enjoy every minute of it. It brought an excitement and passion back into my professional life. It has helped lead me to a writing career that I had no idea I even wanted before this challenge. I was able to write a book that shared with others exactly what I learned along the way.. Gambling professionally is not easy, but there are certain things the average gambler can do to increase their chances of success tremendously. That's the information I try to pass along to my readers.

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  1. goodluckcharmsthatwork Reply March 9, 2012 at 6:33 pm

    Great Blog! Great Info! Great Luck to You!

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