Why do you refuse to use Blackjack Basic Strategy? You don’t believe that 2+2=4?

It amazes me how many people deviate from basic strategy when playing blackjack.  I’m not talking about people who don’t know what basic strategy is. I’m talking about those who refuse to believe it is the most advantageous way to play.

Let’s start with the assumption that everyone agrees that 2+2=4.  If we can’t agree on that, lets part ways right now.  Is it that big of a leap to believe that there is a mathematically correct way to play each hand you are dealt in blackjack?

Put card counting and the variations that occur based on the count aside, and lets focus strictly on basic strategy and assume you have no idea what the count is. Depending on what the blackjack rules at that casino are, if you use proper basic strategy, you can reduce the house advantage to as low as .25%.

That’s amazing in comparison to many of the other games in the casino where the house can have up to a 20% advantage and sometimes larger.  They’re giving you a game at almost even odds and all you have to do is memorize basic strategy.  Forget that, you don’t even have to memorize it, BRING A BASIC STRATEGY CHART WITH YOU.  (Please Note:  there are some minor differences in basic strategy depending on the rules and number of decks being played)

Now for the fun part:

“Basic strategy was put out by the mob when they ran the casinos”

“It depends on how the cards are running.  If the dealer has been busting a lot, I’m not hitting a 16”

“I’ve been playing this game for 20 years.  The cards run in streaks, you have to be able to tell when your on a hot or cold streak.”

“I go by my gut feeling.  I get a feeling whether to hit or not.”

“It depends on what day of the week it is”  (Just kidding, I made that one up)


These are all reasons I’ve heard why people will not use basic strategy.  Obviously, they are all nonsense.  If you are that suspicious of the math, there are many books that will explain step by step how basic strategy is calculated.  “But what if the books were written by the mob?”  I didn’t think about that, maybe you’re right.

The last point I will address is the response often used that it’s no “fun” to use basic strategy.  People often say they go to the casino to have “fun,” they don’t want to have to learn or use basic strategy.

I will never be able to relate to this reasoning.  My interpretation of “fun” at a casino is WINNING!  I’m not having “fun” when my money is being taken from me.  I will do everything in my power to try to win.  I don’t care if we’re playing with monopoly money, for me the “fun” is winning.

I guess maybe I’m much to competitive, but it’s hard for me to have a good time and lose especially if I know there is a way to improve my chances of winning.

About Greg Elder

I was 37 years old, a husband and father, a former teacher, college and high school basketball coach, and a business owner, I decided to give it all up (Not the husband and father part) to take a shot at pro gambling. I was coming off a job I hated selling insurance, and I vowed to do something I was passionate about. For the next year I would spend 12-15 hours a day researching, studying, and practicing advantage gambling techniques. The goal was to see if I could sustain our current lifestyle as a professional gambler. I wanted to find out if casinos really could be beat. At the time, I thought it may be the biggest mistake of my life, but my intentions were to have fun trying. It has been an interesting few years since that journey began. My feature book GAMBLERS FIGHT BACK has been released and can be purchased on my author site at www.GREGELDERAUTHOR.com I would consider my pro gambling career to be a success on all fronts. I didn't win millions of dollars, but I was able to enjoy every minute of it. It brought an excitement and passion back into my professional life. It has helped lead me to a writing career that I had no idea I even wanted before this challenge. I was able to write a book that shared with others exactly what I learned along the way.. Gambling professionally is not easy, but there are certain things the average gambler can do to increase their chances of success tremendously. That's the information I try to pass along to my readers.


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