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What casino games can be beat

Why Some Casino Games Can Be Beat But Not Others

Advantage players do not target casino games at random. They target specific games that can be beat, and ignore those casino games that can’t. You see, not every game in the casino was created equal. Some games are inherently better for advantage players than others. That means advantage gamblers ONLY play casino games were the […]

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Gambling Book Gamblers Fight Back

Gambling Books – Free Giveaway for Gamblers Fight Back National Release

There are many great gambling books that have been written over the years, but I do believe Gamblers Fight Back is unique among them all. Several years ago I walked out of a job selling insurance into a world of professional gambling. I decided I was going to support my family as a pro gambler. […]

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Gambling Odds Brody

Gambling Odds vs. the Odds of Life

There are times in your life when you need to stop and analyze what is going on. Some things are too profound to overlook. The answers you uncover may not be conducive to your actions, but they need to be analyzed. One of the key lessons you learn early on when trying to become a […]

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Can You Win at Gambling and Still Have Fun?

To win at gambling is fun, isn’t it?  Winning is always fun in my mind, but to win at gambling you must be disciplined and this takes a lot of the “fun” out of it for some gamblers. I’ve written often about advantage gambling and how to win at gambling, what games can and can’t […]

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