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Casino Games: Turning a Passion into a Profession

It didn’t matter what the casino game was, as long as there was gambling involved I was happy.  I had a pretty good idea how to play most of the casino games.  I knew which casino games had a better advantage for the player, but it really didn’t matter as long I was in the […]

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Documentary Holy Rollers is more than Gambling, Casinos, Card Counting and Blackjack.

Holy Rollers is not just a documentary about casino gambling and card counting blackjack players, it’s much more. When I watched the documentary it made me remember why I began the journey of professional gambling in the first place.  It gave me the same rush of excitement I felt the first time I realized that making […]

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10 Easiest Ways to Start Winning Money Gambling at the Casino!

The 10 easiest things you can do to be a winning casino gambler and start winning money at the casino.  There are ten easy things you can do right now, that can help you win more money while gambling at the casino, but 99% of you won’t do them and wonder why you lose every time you gamble. 10 […]

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Casino Gambling E-Book

New E-Book: How to Make Money for a Casino Gambling Bankroll

How to make money for a casino gambling bankroll? There is one factor that can predict the success rate of an aspiring casino gambler more than anything else, a gambler’s bankroll. Gambling is all about the money so without it, there is no gambling. As a gambler it is your lifeline, if you lose it you […]

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Over 100 Million People in the US Gambled in a Casino Last Year

It is believed that less than 2% of those people knew anything beyond the basic rules of the casino games.  The majority were slot machine players who only knew how to play slots, hit the button. When we shop for a new car we will haggle over every penny.  When we go to the grocery store we’ll […]

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