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What casino games can be beat

Why Some Casino Games Can Be Beat But Not Others

Advantage players do not target casino games at random. They target specific games that can be beat, and ignore those casino games that can’t. You see, not every game in the casino was created equal. Some games are inherently better for advantage players than others. That means advantage gamblers ONLY play casino games were the […]

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Slot Machines Video Games

Latest Casino Slot Machines: Video Games?

Nationwide land-based casinos are suffering from the economic recession, but one good thing about economic hardship is it usually brings change. Now whether or not that change is positive is another issue entirely, but let’s hope that in the case of casinos it will be a positive change for gamblers and more specifically advantage gamblers. […]

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Casino Games: Turning a Passion into a Profession

It didn’t matter what the casino game was, as long as there was gambling involved I was happy.  I had a pretty good idea how to play most of the casino games.  I knew which casino games had a better advantage for the player, but it really didn’t matter as long I was in the […]

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