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Good Luck Casino Gambling

Why Casinos Love to Say “Good Luck” When You Gamble

When my daughter first began playing board games, her favorite was Chutes and Ladders. I quickly grew tired of this game of chance. That was probably due to the fact that I was sick of losing. I was determined to steer her towards “real” games that had skill involved. This way I might actually have […]

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How to be a Lucky in Gambling

How to be Lucky in Gambling and Life

One of my favorite quotes is “Gamblers rely on luck, Casinos rely on math,” so as a winning gambler we know we must flip that around and put math on our side. Although it doesn’t hurt to be “lucky” once in a while, advantage gamblers try to take luck out of the equation as much […]

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Gambling Book Gamblers Fight Back

Gambling Luck – Gamblers Fight Back

I was at a point in my life where luck seemed to control my destiny and mine had run out.  Early in my life it seemed luck was on my side, but since college graduation it seemed to turn against me.  However, after a situation where my family and I were almost killed by a […]

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