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The Psychological Battle Gamblers Face at the Casino

I’ve read many articles on the internet and elsewhere on the psychology of gambling.  I talked about conditioning and intermittent rewards in my post “Of Mice and Men.”  My problem is many discuss the psychological reasons for gambling and how some people become addicted or “compulsive” gamblers, but rarely discuss ways to control your emotional responses. Let […]

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We’re Not Going To Take It, Anymore!

Why do people allow casinos to take so much of their money? That’s a question that needs to be explored further. When I first began gambling legally at the age of 18, my first inclination was to go out and buy every book on gambling.  As a well-educated, intelligent person I tried to find out […]

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Gambling or Working for a Living?

Are advantage gamblers really gambling?  “The last thing a card counter wants to do is gamble.” — Ken Uston–Card Counting Legend Let’s assume you are a card counter who has found a game where you have a 1% advantage, and you play without mistakes.  You also have a large bankroll with no real chance of […]

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