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Colin Jones Blackjack Card Counter

Interview Colin Jones Blackjack Card Counter Holy Rollers Documentary

If you have any interest in gambling at all, you’ll want to read this in-depth interview that I recently did with professional blackjack card counter, Colin Jones. Colin is the co-founder of one of the most successful card counting teams to ever enter casinos. His “church team” was featured in the documentary, Holy Rollers. This […]

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Bar Rescue Gambling Expert

Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue” Needed a Gambling Expert – Guess I Didn’t Fit the Mold

Several months ago, I received a call from a casting agent from the TV show “Bar Rescue” on Spike TV. He explained that they were looking for a gambling expert for the upcoming season. Never having watched the show, I had no idea what this entailed. He explained that “Bar Rescue” was a reality  based […]

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Professional Gambling Author Greg Elder

Meet Professional Gambling Author Greg Elder – Barnes and Noble Greenville, NC

Gamblers Fight Back has finally been released nationally and now the fun really begins. I will be traveling to promote the book and to meet those who may have interest in my story of leaving my “regular” job of selling insurance and into the world of professional gambling. My first event is scheduled for April […]

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5 Biggest Casino Myths

Casinos are filled with myths and fallacies. Rumor and personal theories are often passed off as fact. Here are five of the biggest myths in the casino. 1. Card counting is cheating or illegal This one irritates me more than any other. I guess it bothers me because the propaganda put forth by casinos has […]

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3 Best Gambling Bets in the Casino

I was recently contacted by David Wright from Newsmax magazine and http://www.Newsmax.com about an article he was doing about the best gambling bets in a casino and the worst bets in a casino. David wanted to provide his readers with the best and worst casino bets and I was glad to help him out. He […]

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Gambling Book Gamblers Fight Back

Gambling Books – Free Giveaway for Gamblers Fight Back National Release

There are many great gambling books that have been written over the years, but I do believe Gamblers Fight Back is unique among them all. Several years ago I walked out of a job selling insurance into a world of professional gambling. I decided I was going to support my family as a pro gambler. […]

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Why Most People Lose When They Gamble

I have often said that if every gambler simply played blackjack using proper basic strategy or played 9/6 Jacks or Better video poker with perfect strategy that every casino in the United States would have to shut down because financially they wouldn’t make it. As you know, casinos continue to make millions of dollars and […]

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Gambling Odds Brody

Gambling Odds vs. the Odds of Life

There are times in your life when you need to stop and analyze what is going on. Some things are too profound to overlook. The answers you uncover may not be conducive to your actions, but they need to be analyzed. One of the key lessons you learn early on when trying to become a […]

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Video Poker Strategy

Video Poker Strategy – Taking Your Game to the Next Level

Many of you have taken the step to play video poker instead of slot machines. You know they offer better odds, so you have the right intentions in mind. Unfortunately, your video poker strategy is lacking. You haven’t taken the next step which is learning the correct strategy and tips regarding video poker. There are […]

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Guest Posting on Slot Machine Blog

Many of you know, when I began this blog I really didn’t write a whole lot about slot machines. My topics were more geared towards advantage gambling such as counting cards in blackjack and sports betting. As the blog progressed and my audience grew I realized that many of my readers were gamblers who were […]

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