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How to win at gambling

Gambling Lessons and Life Lessons are Often One and the Same

I’ve stated before that the greatest success I had as a gambler had nothing to do with monetary achievement. Sure, it was nice to win money at the expense of the casino, but the life lessons that were taught throughout my journey were much more than money could buy. What you put into gambling is […]

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Why do you refuse to use Blackjack Basic Strategy? You don’t believe that 2+2=4?

It amazes me how many people deviate from basic strategy when playing blackjack.  I’m not talking about people who don’t know what basic strategy is. I’m talking about those who refuse to believe it is the most advantageous way to play. Let’s start with the assumption that everyone agrees that 2+2=4.  If we can’t agree […]

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Casino Gambling E-Book

New E-Book: How to Make Money for a Casino Gambling Bankroll

How to make money for a casino gambling bankroll? There is one factor that can predict the success rate of an aspiring casino gambler more than anything else, a gambler’s bankroll. Gambling is all about the money so without it, there is no gambling. As a gambler it is your lifeline, if you lose it you […]

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Over 100 Million People in the US Gambled in a Casino Last Year

It is believed that less than 2% of those people knew anything beyond the basic rules of the casino games.  The majority were slot machine players who only knew how to play slots, hit the button. When we shop for a new car we will haggle over every penny.  When we go to the grocery store we’ll […]

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