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Latest Casino Slot Machines: Video Games?

Nationwide land-based casinos are suffering from the economic recession, but one good thing about economic hardship is it usually brings change. Now whether or not that change is positive is another issue entirely, but let’s hope that in the case of casinos it will be a positive change for gamblers and more specifically advantage gamblers. […]

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Winning at slot machines

Winning at Slot Machines – A Must Have Tool Called Winners Bank 200

Everybody wants to know how to win at slot machines. There is no secret system or simple formula, but there is a new tool that will help you walk away with money in your pocket. As a gambling author and the author of the best-selling slot machine book Not Just Another Slot Machine Strategy System: […]

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Best Slot Machine Tips Every Player Needs to Know

The biggest and best slot machine tips anyone can ever give you are: expect to lose and don’t allow your emotions to control your decision-making. That probably isn’t what many of you want to hear but it is the best advice I can give. We know that a slot machine is programmed to payout less […]

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Slot Machines Podcast – Class II vs. Class III

This is episode 6 of my podcast Gamblers Fight Back. This episode revolves around slot machines. I will go over the facts about slot machines and the differences between Class II and Class III slot machines. I will also talk about many of the myths regarding slot machines. There are all sorts of theories that […]

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Guest Posting on Slot Machine Blog

Many of you know, when I began this blog I really didn’t write a whole lot about slot machines. My topics were more geared towards advantage gambling such as counting cards in blackjack and sports betting. As the blog progressed and my audience grew I realized that many of my readers were gamblers who were […]

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Penny Slot Machines: Penny Slots May Be Fun But They Sure Aren’t Free

Slot players stay away from those new fancy penny slot machines, also known as “penny slots.” The growth of penny slots has continued to lower payback percentages on slot machines.  All these new, gimmicky slot machines sure do look like a lot of fun, but that fun comes at a price.  With the poor economy […]

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Slot Machine Strategy, Slot Machine Tips, How to Win at Slots, What Questions Do You Have?

Slot machine tips and strategies.  How to win at slot machines?  Are these all the questions you have about slot machines? Nearly 70% of all casino gambling revenue comes from slot machines.  They are by far the most popular games in the casino.  Everyday they are creating more interactive slots that are more and more entertaining.  […]

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Is My Slot Machine “Hot” or “Cold?”

One of the gambling fallacies I never could figure out was the whole “hot” and “cold” thing, regarding slot and video poker machines.  Lets say for example a women plays for an hour at a machine and loses the entire time.  The machine just eats her money.  She gets up and leaves.  Am I suppose […]

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You stole my jackpot!

Some time ago I sat at a 9/6 Jacks or Better video poker machine and played for an hour or so.  During that time I hit 3 four of a kinds, an above average amount to be sure.  I got up and went to eat and when I returned the machine I had been playing was […]

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