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We’re Not Going To Take It, Anymore!

Why do people allow casinos to take so much of their money? That’s a question that needs to be explored further. When I first began gambling legally at the age of 18, my first inclination was to go out and buy every book on gambling.  As a well-educated, intelligent person I tried to find out […]

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Win Money Now!

I’m so tired of coming across websites, products, ect. that will flat-out lie to you and try to make you think they have some great secret gambling system that will win you millions.  It’s a scam that’s been around forever, but it must still work because they are everywhere. During this journey, I’ve researched hundreds of […]

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Casino Gambling Action Junkies

There are two types of pro gamblers.  Those that live to gamble and those that gamble to live.  I’m trying to fit somewhere in the middle.  Let me explain. Click here for audio version or continue reading below. Two legendary professional gamblers are Stuey Unger and Archie Karras.  Stuey has won three World Series of Poker (WSOP) […]

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